Stella Financial Solutions is an enterprise financial planning-as-a-service provider that creates unified data solutions - increasing financial transparency and supporting growth.


In today's corporate landscape, many businesses struggle to create accurate financial analysis solutions in-house. Decision makers are forced to leverage gut instincts, often not understanding the ramifications of their actions.

Reliable financial forecasts need to incorporate data from a variety of sources, from CRM tools to accounting systems and operational databases. Many businesses accept that their financial models are incomplete or use teams of analysts to maintain complex spreadsheets in an attempt to bring it all together.

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Whether it's due to the limited availability of useful tools or financial subject matter experts within an organization, many corporations have a difficult time visualizing how business decisions and results will impact their go-forward financial picture.

Stella Financial Solutions is an enterprise financial planning as-a-solution provider that offers a custom-designed financial unification platform, supported by a team of experienced financial analysts, that resolves this issue for corporations and expands innovation.

Integrating with any existing data system(s), Stella helps decision makers see their business in real-time with unified financial data. This provides them with the ability to enhance speed-to-market and accelerate company growth.

Stella provides FP&A for decision makers in every industry

OUR approach and process

We work with you in a simple and effective way to ensure that your solution is custom-tailored to your business and supported by knowledgeable and experienced FP&A experts.

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We work with you to understand how your business operates day-to-day, what makes your team unique, and what drivers set your business apart.


We begin to customize a platform that unifies your data and integrates with existing systems  to create the most advance solution for your business.

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Managed & Advisory Services

With many years of financial expertise, our advisors work to to help create dynamic strategy for everything from revenue classification, to cost optimization, capital planning and exit plans.

Business Consultation

"For the first time I have a tool that allows me to quickly see my business and identify areas to improve. "

— CFO at Venture-Backed Technology Company

Business Meeting

"Stella has helped us aggregate data among multiple systems to present our global business in a unified way for the first time - they’ve eliminated the need for us to maintain any spreadsheets - completely incredible."

— Owner & CEO at Multi-National IT Services Company

Data Model & Platform

Our solutions are easily viewed through Stella's user portal, a customized user experience, that is independently created to meet the specific needs of every client.


Stella provides a website-accessible portal that's available 24/7 - offering round-the-clock technical and analyst support.


We offer unlimited user provisioning that's securely authenticated and separated by roles-based access controls.


We tout guaranteed uptime and round-the-clock representative support. Don't wait - contact your representative directly if you're in need of support.


Use the portal's click-through ability to navigate from global summary views to the most granular sales detail and GL data.


We provide customized reporting features that make our portal fit your business - not the other way around.


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