Make the best decisions with the most accurate information while using a unified data platform that gets results.


Stella’s finance platform unifies data by allowing users to analyze, plan, forecast, report and create smart data models for companies who want enterprise finance capabilities that drive decision making and support digital transformation.

Scenario-Based Data Compilation

Build scenario-based compilations that showcase multiple cuts of data to lock in scenarios for continuous evaluation.

Share inputs between scenarios, helping to save time and effort, as well as minimize keystrokes.

Understand how changes in data can negatively or positively impact business decisions; such as revenue fluctuations or headcount changes.

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Visibility From The Bottom, Up

Examine data from granular, individualized general ledgers, to board-level information; helping to identify trends and model nuances.

Customized general ledger-based accounting systems easily integrate with the platform; enhancing visibility and creating a better user experience.

Create role-based access for any user requiring data visibility; from the bottom, up.

Customized, Role-Based Access

Allows users to control exactly what their teams see to fit existing business models and accommodate growth.

Limit visibility by report type and create filtered access to only specific regions and cost centers.

Review and edit only data that applies to specific objectives - preventing the alteration of data that doesn’t apply to specific responsibilities or objectives.

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Smart Analysis Library

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Gain access to a global library of developed outputs and analytical reports - enabling decision makers to quickly create and use dynamic reporting.

Any amount of data can easily generate reporting, and previously built reports can also be customized to fit new and evolving business requirements.

If new reporting is required, our team can use the information provided to help work with you to create the reporting you need.

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