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Stella’s team of dedicated experts understand your industry and know what it takes to make sure that your business is set apart. To get started, our team schedules an onboarding to meet with you to understand what makes you successful and how your team operates. 

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Learning Your Business

  • We begin by sitting with your team to understand exactly how your business operates, its organizational structure, and how you sell your products and services.

  • We then work with your team to understand how to build your company a customized financial solution.

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Analyzing Your Existing Infrastucture

  • No matter the complexity of your existing financial infrastructure, we will analyze how you forecast, as well as any historical data to begin unifying it.

  • We'll then craft custom algorithms and supportive technologies to drive innovation and move the corporate needle.

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Understanding Your Company Dynamic

  • We take the time to understand the different roles within your organization, what their financial responsibilities are, and who might have more data to positively influence your forecast.

  • Stella is one of the only enterprise financial planning-as-a-solution provider that creates customized roles - helping to ensure that every person has an appropriate voice.

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"Stella’s platform has helped me, a finance novice, easily understand my budget and what I have left to spend. What was once a burdensome exercise is now a process that gives me more control of my department than I’ve ever had in my career."

— Head of Marketing at Series C Multinational IT Services Company

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"I always struggled to manage our capacity. Stella built a custom algorithm, merging revenue forecast data with technical requirements and commercial constructs to predict capacity needs months in advance. We're now able to maximize utilization and be ready to onboard new clients."

— Computer Engineer at Series B Cloud Business 

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