We understand the complexities associated with multiple business systems, as well as how to bring innovation in finance to the forefront of your business.



Stella isn’t just an enterprise financial planning-as-a-service provider, we also ensure that your finance solution is completely integrated with any existing data systems.

Our integration process brings the power of technology and finance together into one, expert-crafted, golden-source data system solution.

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Walking Through Existing Systems

To begin, we identify all existing systems; such as accounting, CRM, HR and any home-grown systems or open source solutions.

Our team evaluates the data in your system, its integrity, and determines what data within these systems can be used to properly inform your forecast. 

This helps clients avoid issues like double-entry, which inevitably equals data inconsistency.

Mapping, Augmentation and System Modifications

We evaluate how data can influence forecasting and reconfigure it to fit the ideal model.

We will optimize existing data by applying mappings and rules, such as mapping general ledgers to fit desired cost centers to help save time and increase operational efficiency.

Additional data fields can be placed into the platform as well to make existing data useful for forecasting. This allows us to make your data meaningful - reducing any impact on existing data integrity.

data system
data system

Solidify Unified Database Automation

Stella’s team works with existing APIs to programmatically unify your financial data.

Analysts can easily leverage unique access to grab data from systems on a recurring basis even when APIs are not available or it's not possible to connect.

Stella’s data model is designed to easily accept flat files - making it possible to link to virtually any system.

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"With Stella’s on-demand financial analysts, I'll never hire in-house FP&A again."

— CFO at US Software & Services Corporation

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"Stella has helped us aggregate data among multiple systems to present our global business in a unified way for the first time. They’ve eliminated the need for us to maintain any spreadsheets - completely incredible."

— Owner & CEO at Multi-National IT Services Company

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